Bob-Cat FastCat Pro RS 942412 – Kawasaki FX 850V/61 – Demonstrator

$7,699.00 $6,900.00

Bob-Cat FastCat Pro RS 942412 – Kawasaki FX 850V/61 – Demonstrator on sale now!



  • 6-year / 2,000 hour limited warranty
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on the deck, deck cradle, and engine deck.
COMFORT & CONTROL – Sporting a deluxe high-back full mechanical suspension seat, the BOB-CAT® FastCat Pro RS 52 and FastCat Pro RS 61 provides you with a smooth, low vibration, and overall more comfortable ride. FastCat Pro RS zero-turn mowers give you more control with a quick-lift foot assist pedal to easily raise and lower the deck on demand. Operators also enjoy smooth maneuverability provided by dual Hydro-Gear® ZT-3400 independent drives and feature 23-inch Zero T drive wheels to facilitate improved ground clearance with superior traction for more precise handling. The lightweight design and strategic weight distribution of the FastCat Pro RS reduce turf markings and tire slippage.
EXTREME DISCHARGE SYSTEM WITH DURADECK™  The rugged DuraDeck design, in 52″ and 61″ deck sizes, makes the FastCat Pro RS tough enough to handle everything commercial jobs dish out. The Extreme Discharge System ensures superior clipping dispersal. The FastCat Pro RS also features a reinforced leading edge design strengthens the deck for enhanced durability even under adverse mowing conditions such as along curbs and walls. The molded rubber discharge chute bounces back from hard knocks.
REDUCED MAINTENANCE   Easy maintenance is beneficial for professionals who want to maximize up time and minimize costs. The BOB-CAT® FastCat Pro RS 52 and FastCatPro RS 61 zero-turn mowers accomplish this goal with a heavy-duty canister air filter for longer life. Never miss important service milestones with the convenient control panel now equipped with an hour meter providing maintenance service reminders for the engine oil and filter, engine air filters, and hydraulic oil and filter. The FastCat Pro RS uses 13-inch maintenance-free caster wheels to keep you moving forward.
PEAK PRODUCTIVITY   The BOB-CAT® FastCat Pro RS 52 and BOB-CAT® FastCat Pro RS 61 packs the power and performance of bigger machines in a smaller package. FastCat Pro RS tackles the toughest jobs with ease and plows through the competition with high ground clearance and a top speed of 10 mph. Available with either a 52″ or 61″ DuraDeck Cutting System, FastCat Pro RS matches maximum productivity to the size of the job.


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